My name is Shirley Lunn, and I'm a Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Holistic Therapist. . My aim is to help you to be your best self, by improving your health and well-being and providing you with the tools you need to navigate through life.


When a human being encounters stress, the fight or flight response is triggered.  This is your body's automatic response to danger – a series of dramatic physical changes designed to give you a burst of energy and strength. In modern life  we can be in and out of this fight or flight state many times a day. This means we can be 'wired up' almost constantly – with dangerous consequences for our health.  The hormones and chemicals released into the body can cause problems such as high blood pressure, IBS, constipation, indigestion, stomach ulcers and a suppressed immune system.

Medical science has proved that relaxation is beneficial in dealing with stress.  Deep relaxation and meditation calm your nervous system, and restore you to your natural, balanced state of body and mind.  Relaxation is also a vital element in the body's natural healing processes.

I offer yoga classes, group sound relaxation sessions and one-to-one lessons designed to help you relax and restore your body, mind and spirit.  

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